The State gets an investigator. Why don't you?

As of the most-recent statistics available (provided by the State Bureau of Investigation), there were 388,932 arrests made in 2017 in North Carolina. The State has the benefit of full-time investigators assigned to interview involved persons and investigate criminal offenses.

They then use that information against you . After all, “anything you say can, and will, be used against you,” remember?

So, who works for you? Who is the investigator that will interview those same involved persons and search for the whole truth in your defense? It’s not the law enforcement investigators. They have a job to do: arrest you and present evidence to take away your liberties and freedoms.

You need a private investigator to ensure you are given a fair chance when you are arrested for committing a crime. You especially need a private investigator when you are innocent of the accused crime.

Contact Raven Rock Investigations as soon as you are able if you are charged with a crime. The longer you wait, the less fair things become for you. Whether guilty or innocent, you deserve a fair trial.

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