Separated by Decades and Distance

The following is posted with express permission from our client.

Some cases are more rewarding than others. Our clients range from law firms to individuals, all looking for the same thing, really: answers. Whether we are investigating in preparation for a vigorous criminal defense or attempting to determine if a spouse is being unfaithful, we work diligently to learn the truth and then obtain solid evidence for our clients.

Unfortunately, the truth is often sad. Our services are frequently needed during a low point in someone's life. But the special cases-- those are what make the grind worth it.

Recently, we were asked to help an elderly lady who was seeking closure after more than half a century of mourning. As a young woman, she met and fell in love with a young man. Due to difficult life circumstances, they ended up in different areas of the country. The young woman had a son who, to this day, has not met his father. Both man and woman thought of each other fondly and frequently as the decades passed, each longing to be with the other.

Despite diligent efforts, our client had not been able to locate the man and reached out to us as a last resort. Our team worked diligently to locate this gentleman. When we delivered the news that she had not forgotten him, he shed tears of joy. Both our client and this kind man are looking forward to reuniting and a son will finally meet his father.

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