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Digital Forensic Services

At Raven Rock Investigations, we have a team dedicated to digital forensic investigations. In the modern era, investigations frequently require accessing mobile devices (phones and tablets) as well as personal computers, in order to obtain vital evidence for use in both criminal and civil proceedings.

Some of the digital forensic services we offer include:

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices contain critical data for investigations. Our team can forensically acquire and analyze data from smartphones and tablets to retrieve the data you need for your case. Some examples include:

  • text messages, phone calls or chats (including deleted records)

  • location information

  • web browsing history

  • pictures and videos

Cell Tower Mapping

Call detail records (CDRs) can include location information and meta data related to phone calls and text messaging records. Some CDR information that can be retrieved includes:

  • phone numbers

  • date/time of calls and messages

  • whether or not the call was connected

  • type of connection (phone or text)

  • duration of the call

  • tower information and sector side of the tower

  • cell tower mapping

Computer Forensics

Our team can image, decrypt and analyze data located on computers. From hard drives and flash drives to digital cameras and answering machines, our team can recover data that may be useful to your case. Some advantages include:

  • identifying who was behind the keyboard at a certain period of time

  • determining which computer resources were accessed

  • uncovering browsing history

  • identifying network connections

  • obtain a comprehensive list of installed software (including spyware) and when it was accessed

  • exposing emails stored on the computer

Social Media Forensics

Our team can gather, with appropriate legal authority, user data from more than fifty of the most popular social media sources. Examples include:

  • capture and review public data

  • visualize data in a unified format

  • accelerate data collection from web pages

  • search their searches

  • explore location history

  • collaborate and integrate data

Digital forensic services are vital to your case. While the expense can be costly at times, we cannot overstate the importance to your case in the long term. Spending now to protect your future assets is one of the wisest investments you can make.

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