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Who Hires Private Investigators?


We’ve all seen television shows and movies where private investigators follow unfaithful spouses to seedy motels to get video and photo evidence of their infidelity, but is that really an accurate portrayal of professional private investigators?

Professional private investigators have many types of clients. Let’s take a look at the most common.


Attorneys may take the number one spot in the list of private investigator customer types. They know that knowledge can be used as ammunition in civil litigation and criminal defenses. Wise attorneys understand their reputation hangs largely on their ability to win cases, so they frequently engage the services of licensed private investigators to interview witnesses, conduct mock interrogations of their clients and even set up surveillance on opposing parties. Attorneys realize the value professional investigators add.


Most parents want the best for their children and they know hiring a childcare provider can be dangerous if they choose the wrong person. Involved parents reach out to private investigators to conduct background checks on potential babysitters or daycare providers to ensure their children are placed in good hands. The cost of a thorough background investigation is one of the wisest purchases a parent can make with regard to the safety of their child.


Savvy business owners understand they need to protect their investments. When hiring an employee or choosing to partner with someone, a successful business owner contracts with a private investigator to dig into the backgrounds of the potential employee or partner to determine if they are trustworthy. This includes interviewing previous employers and neighbors, conducting a thorough criminal records check, confirming someone actually attended the college listed on their resume and more. Private investigators can also conduct security evaluations to determine if the property has adequate measures in place to prevent theft.

Insurance Adjusters

Thorough insurance adjusters know fraud is rampant in our society. Too many people game the system to receive free money. Private investigators work closely with adjusters to conduct surveillance, review traffic crash investigations and interview involved parties to determine if a claim is legitimate. Many private investigators are former law enforcement officers with experience investigating collisions and detecting deception.


Engaged landlords understand they take a risk each time they acquire a new tenant. They entrust their valuable property with complete strangers. Landlords can mitigate this risk by hiring a licensed investigator to dig into the background of the potential tenant. From speaking with former landlords to interviewing old neighbors, private investigators can obtain information that is not available in an online background check.


Smart individuals hire private investigators to acquire background information on prospective romantic partners to ensure the person does not have a history of violence or dishonesty. Others hire a professional investigator to confirm or deny suspicions their significant other is being unfaithful. This is quite common in the investigative world, and suspicions are often right, unfortunately. Additionally, private investigators can often provide personal protective services for people who feel their safety is in jeopardy. This type of service is especially helpful in cases of domestic violence where a victim is trying to escape a dangerous environment.


These are just a few of the common clients with whom private investigators work. There are others and your circumstances may be unique. Private investigator services are more affordable than you think and could provide you with peace of mind in an age where we all have enough stress in our lives.

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Raven Rock Investigations is a private investigations and personal protection firm based in Salisbury, North Carolina. Founded by former homicide detective Carl Dangerfield, the mantra of the firm is simple: ethical investigations conducted with integrity. Raven Rock investigations has staff in the Charlotte metro and Piedmont Triad areas of North Carolina.

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Joel Johnson previously served as a law enforcement officer and is now a licensed private investigator with Raven Rock Investigations in North Carolina, where he manages the Piedmont Triad operations. He earned a BS in Business Management and Leadership and an AAS in Criminal Justice Technology.

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